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New Orleans Jewelry Appraisers Selling diamond jewelry and luxury watches to New Orleans Jewelry Buyer is fast and convenient. The secure process begins with a free no-risk valuation of your precious gift assets. Our New Orleans jewelry appraisers consistently provide customers with the highest valuations of their diamond jewelry and collectable timepieces.

Our jewelry appraisals are higher because they are based on the global market for previously-owned luxury goods–whereas the typical New Orleans pawn shop or fine jeweler appraises the value of your merchandise on how much they can sell it for locally within their store.

New Orleans Jewelry Buyer has a client base that includes some of the same collectors who buy diamond jewelry and antique timepieces at auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Our customers also include retail buyers from Los Angeles to New York to London to Tokyo. Our New Orleans jewelry appraisers take into consideration the market demand among all of the points of sale within our exclusive resale network when appraising the true value of your diamond jewelry, precious gemstones, and prestige timepieces.

Ready to sell jewelry? Contact New Orleans Jewelry Buyer today to discuss a free verbal appraisal of your contemporary designer jewelry, antique gemstone jewelry, or luxury wristwatch. A GIA diamond certificate is not required for us to appraise your valuable diamond rings and diamond jewelry. Our New Orleans diamond jewelry appraisers can precisely assess the value and quality of your diamonds quickly.

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New Orleans Jewelry Buyer purchases pre-owned diamond rings and estate jewelry originally bought at New Orleans’ best fine jewelers, including Aucoin Hart Jewelers, Rothschild Diamond, Tiffany & Co., Boudreaux’s Jewelers, Adler’s, Hiller Jewelry, Goldman & Sons, Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers, Pierre’s Jewelry, Fischer’s Jewelry, Friend & Co., Rihners Jewelers, Diamond Palace, Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry, Wellington & Company, and more.